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Fiber Optic Networking Card

The NCF-1000 Network Card Fiber is used to network fire alarm panels using fiber optic cable. The NCF-1000 allows the user to install SFP (small form-factor pluggable) modules to utilize either single mode or multi-mode fiber. It is fully supervised and is capable of both Class B and Class A operation. The NCF-1000 may be mounted in either the control panel cabinet, the PSN-1000/E, the AE-2, AE-8, or AE-14. 

Features include:

  • Allows for Peer-to-Peer networking via multi-mode or single mode fiber
  • Utilizes SFP (small form pluggable) modules for fiber selection
  • Up to 200 panels can be networked together
  • Any RA-6500 remote annunciator can be set as a global annunciator
  • NCE-1000 and NCF-1000 are interoperable and both types can be used within a network
  • Allows for a single panel to act as the host communicator
  • Five year warranty included

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