IntelliPurge® Remote Annunciator for INS-PV

The INS-RA is a LCD remote annunciator for the IntelliPurge® Nitrogen System. The INS-RA communicates to up to 27 INS-PV Potter IntelliPurge® Nitrogen Purge Valves using a RS-485 connection. The INS-RA features a LCD display which allows easy control of all INS-PV units on the network. Using an INS-RA, the user can view system status, view operational history, start purge, cancel purge, and refresh N2 levels remotely.

The INS-RA also allows for purge scheduling for nitrogen systems that are connected to more than one fire sprinkler system. The INS-RA will schedule purge process sequentially, allowing the user to purge multiple systems without manually starting and stopping.


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