Automatic Air Release with Drip Pan

The PAAR-B is an automatic float type air vent used to reduce the amount of air trapped in a pressurized fire sprinkler system. Reducing the amount of air in a fire sprinkler system is essential to help protect the system piping from the effects of corrosion that is often found at the air/water interface in the fire sprinkler system piping.

Removing as much air as possible will also have a positive effect on the performance of vane type waterflow detectors. The operation of vane type waterflow detectors can be delayed or prevented if too much air is trapped in the system piping.

The intent of the product is to vent as much air from the fire sprinkler system as possible. The PAAR-B provides automatic venting of air as the system is being filled. Furthermore, trapped air can also be vented as the air in the system migrates to the vent location over time. The air vent will automatically close when water reaches the vent.

Discharge piping from the air vent valve is piped to a shutoff valve mounted in a water retention pan. The pan retains small amounts of water discharged from the air vent valve during normal operation. If failure of the air vent occurs, discharged water will reach a specified depth in the pan (approximately 1") and a water-soluble fiber element in the shutoff valve dissolves and closes the valve preventing further water discharge. The shutoff valve has a visual indication of operation and a single set of NC contacts rated 24V AC/DC@2A for electronic supervision (Recommended). The shutoff valve is a single-use device and contains no user serviceable parts.

The PAAR-B provides a 1/2" NPT connection in the bottom of the pan which shall be used to pipe to a drain.

For more information on automatic air release valves visit our Corrosion Solutions Portal.

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