IPA-4000V New!

Integrated Voice Panel

The IPA-4000V is an enhanced version of the IPA-4000 addressable fire
alarm system, now with voice integration. The panel features all preexisting fire highlights and shares new innovative voice functionalities to provide reliability and safety with the panel. The panel introduces the VM-1000 voice module and digital message repeater to deliver audio to designated remote amplifiers. 


  • Supports single and dual channel applications
  • Flexible programming
  • Up to 2 hours of message storage
  • Up to 255 customizable audio patterns
  • Internal message library of predefined messages and tones
  • Ability to record and import message files from a laptop
  • Text-to-speech to translate custom text through a variety of natural and fluent sounding voices.
  • Expandable up to 104 programmable push buttons for speaker and ECS assignment
  • User push buttons for All Call,
  • A supervised auxiliary input to interface with low-level audio sources
  • Background Music
  • Connect up to 31 SCA (single channel) or DCA (dual channel) amplifiers
  • Interface with LOC-1000 (Local Operator Console) to control the system from remote areas.
  • Optional Fire Fighters Telephone system
  • All features of the IPA-4000 included