IntelliCom Advanced Gateway

4G/5G Cellular Communicator with IntelliView Cloud Technology

The IntelliCom™ Advanced Gateway provides sole or dual path LTE-M (4G and 5G compatible) cellular monitoring communication for any commercial fire panel. Potter panels using the Potter IntelliCom Advanced Gateway offer the most advanced features in the industry without the need for a UD-2000 POTs dialer. Potter panels enable automatic panel program backups/retrieval, remote programming, cloud storage, and mobile walk test that creates an NFPA-72 initiation device report. If the existing panel supports Contact ID, it's a candidate for upgrading with the Potter IntelliCom Advanced Gateway.


  • LTE-M (4G and 5G compatible) commercial fire alarm communicator
  • Verizon or AT&T models available
  • Direct connect to Potter panels with Ethernet (Contact ID)
  • UD-2000 DACT not required when using Ethernet on Potter panels
  • Interfaces with other panels over a single DACT connection for universal compatibility
  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary, or backup path communications
  • 5-minute or 60-minute supervision
  • Power from fire panel 24V auxiliary power supply or plug-in transformer (included)
  • Red/Locking metal enclosure
  • Secure cloud-based account management tools
  • Use any local and national central stations with no extra equipment or setup
  • IntelliView Compatible – iOS/Android App & Browser access
  • IntelliView Cloud Services and Apps included when used on Potter Panels
    • Alert: Detailed event status, counters, history, push notifications
    • Backup: Panel programming backed up to the cloud
    • Test/Inspect: One person walk-test tool
    • Program: Remotely Upload & Download panel configurations

Software Requirements

  • Fire panel firmware must be version 10.01 or above
  • Potter Fire Panel Programmer must be version 10.1 or above

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Potter Fire Panel Programmer

V9 and later will no longer support Windows Operating Systems prior to Windows 10.

exe | zip 10.4.124