IntelliCom Advanced Gateway

5G Cellular Communicator with IntelliView Cloud Technology

The IntelliCom™ Advanced Gateway provides sole or dual path 5G LTE-M cellular monitoring communication for any commercial fire panel. Potter panels using the Potter IntelliCom Advanced Gateway offer the most advanced features in the industry without the need for a UD-2000 POTs dialer. Potter panels enable automatic panel program backups/retrieval, remote programming, cloud storage, and mobile walk test that creates an NFPA-72 initiation device report. If the existing panel supports Contact ID, it's a candidate for upgrading with the Potter IntelliCom Advanced Gateway.


  • 5G LTE-M commercial fire alarm communicator
  • Verizon or AT&T models available
  • Direct connect to Potter panels with Ethernet (Contact ID)
  • UD-2000 DACT not required when using Ethernet on Potter panels
  • Interfaces with other panels over a single DACT connection for universal compatibility
  • Meets UL 864 requirements for sole, primary, or backup path communications
  • 5-minute or 60-minute supervision
  • Power from fire panel 24V auxiliary power supply or plug-in transformer (included)
  • Red/Locking metal enclosure
  • Secure cloud-based account management tools
  • Use any local and national central stations with no extra equipment or setup
  • IntelliView Compatible – iOS/Android App & Browser access
  • IntelliView Cloud Services and Apps included when used on Potter Panels
    • Alert: Detailed event status, counters, history, push notifications
    • Backup: Panel programming backed up to the cloud
    • Test/Inspect: One person walk-test tool
    • Program: Remotely Upload & Download panel configurations


Software Requirements

  • Fire panel firmware must be version 10.01 or above
  • Potter Fire Panel Programmer must be version 10.1 or above

This product is only available to our authorized IPA ESDs. Please contact us to inquire about becoming a Potter ESD for access to this product line. If you are an IPA user, log in with your Potterlink credentials below.

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