Isolator Base

The Isolator Base 6” (PAD300-IB) comes with an integrated isolator module included. The base has a locking feature for the detector that may be used or removed in the field. Once the head is removed, the isolator is accessible in the bottom of the unit. The isolator will open the Signaling Line Circuit down stream when a short circuit is detected. This will provide devices between the control panel and the isolator to continue to operate. The short is indicated by a steady red LED and once the short is removed the unit will return to normal operation.


  • Isolator integrated into base
  • Self restoring
  • Red LED indication of short circuit
  • Terminals accept 22 to 12 AWG wire sizes
  • Supports Class A, Class X and Class B wiring
  • Does not require SLC Loop address
  • UUKL Listed for Smoke Control

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